Give yourself the best chance in the market (Image of smiling couple shaking hands with real estate agent.)


Many people sell and buy at the same time so coordinating a sale and purchase involves knitting the two transactions together so they complete on the same date. This creates a transaction chain. Flexibility, a considerate attitude and great negotiating skills are what you need to deal with being part of a chain.

At Land & Property Conveyancing Melbourne we are positive that you will be delighted with how we project manage your real estate sale.

We manage the following process to finalise your sale transaction:

  • Discuss and prepare the section 32 and contract of sale
  • Once sold we contact your bank to arrange discharge of your mortgage
  • Where possible we forward section 27 statement to purchaser’s representative to secure early release of the deposit for you
  • Receive and check transfer of land documentation
  • Ensure all adjustments for rates and charges have been calculated correctly
  • Arrange settlement
  • Attend settlement on your behalf, and arrange for payment of the proceeds of sale in accordance with your directions
  • Preparation of notice of disposition and forward to council and appropriate authorities to advise of change of ownership
  • Provide you with statement of settlement figures for your records